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Gurgaon-based Portrait Masters is a vibrant community of passionate and purpose-driven storytellers and creatives. Having dabbled in darkroom setting since a very young age, our photographers showcase exceptional skills in shooting personal, commercial and editorial portrait photography. We love shooting anyone with a story and especially relish working with musicians, artists, business leaders, actors and politicians. 

The goal of our talented portrait photographers in Gurgaon is to capture something deep. For eye-catching, stunning photos, we make use of a combination of simple and high-end lighting setups, and complicated and relaxed poses. Image editing is integral to the process of our work and every time the shutter is released, we are visually considering the possibilities of what will happen in the editing suite. Thanks to our instinct, we are able to see past technical challenges and spot hidden secrets to ensure that your portrait photographers exceed your expectations. 

Rent Fully-equipped Studio in Gurgaon

We, at Portrait Masters, offer our well-equipped studio to shutterbugs, models, stylists, designers and so on, at competitive prices. Make use of our studio and the professional photography equipment for beautiful and sensation, celebrity, beauty and product shoots. Our studio is your creative space where you can work with zero interruption and feel absolutely comfortable. 

Now you know what we offer. If you need to hire our portrait photographer in Gurgaon or rent our studio space, get in touch. 


Creating portraits that you will be proud to display

Professional Portrait Photographer in Delhi

Biz Corp Studios is a full-service portrait photography company with a team of dynamic portrait photographers in Delhi. We cater to individuals and corporate portrait photo shoot requirements, and lend our dramatic and cinematic flair. 

Portrait photography styles

Our portrait photographers in Delhi are adept in candid, group, solo, couple, lifestyle, environmental, corporate and close-up portrait photography. 

Post Processing Capability

At Biz Corp Studios, we are committed to making portraits look spectacular. Our photographers are experienced in airbrushing or retouching, color adjustment, sharpening and such other post-production processes. 

We Guarantee Pictures Worth Remembering

Our portrait photographers in Delhi seek to convey warmth, authenticity and professionalism. Each image is captured with a lot of passion and thought. We make minute changes during the post-production process to deliver high-resolution portrait images that you will be happy to hang in your home or office.

Ready to create picture-perfect memories to last a lifetime? Biz Corp Studios is the go-to destination. Whether it is a family or a corporate photo, our portrait photo studio available on rent in Gurgaon offers you the ultimate experience.

Latest Technology and Equipment


Biz Corp Studios portrait photo studio comprises the most modern equipment and the latest digital photography technology in the domain. Starting with reflectors to umbrellas, we have them all.

Convenience and Comfort

Our studio is comfortable for subjects, photographers and stylists. Regardless of the occasion, we ensure ease for everyone, be it a newborn or a graduate.

We Assure You Confirmed Satisfaction

Our photographers, with their deep understanding of a wide variety of portrait photos, expertly handle your needs and requirements. Thanks to our full-colored backgrounds, professional lighting systems, camera rooms and more, our portrait photo studio available on rent in Gurgaon give you a reason to return.

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