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10 Great Portrait Photographers of the World

Nothing can beat a good portrait photograph. There is something unique about it - from the precise features of a human face to the raw emotion depicted through it. This sort of photography poses a constant challenge and needs a high-level of creativity at the photographer’s end. To achieve stunning portrait pictures, every photographer adopts his/her own style. Read on to check the work of a few popular photographers.

1. Annie Leibovitz- Without a doubt, she is indeed a famous portrait photographer in America. Known for exceptionally capturing celebrities, she has worked for Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone Magazine and other pop-culture magazines. Thanks to her bold use of colors, distinctive poses and the way of playing with the light, she has caught people’s attention internationally.

2. Holly Rose Stones- Currently based in London/Kent, her portrait photography is majestic. She is a conceptual and surrealist fashion photographer, who shares her skills and other information on creating extraordinary images in her YouTube channel.

3. Steve McCurry- Having worked for National Geographic and winning countless awards, this American photojournalist has given us numerous portraits. One of his famous artworks is “Afghan Girl’, which is often compared to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. This picture of an Afghan girl was taken in Peshawar’s refugee camp, and it eventually became the most acknowledged picture of National Geographic.

4. Diane Arbus- She is considered as one of the most unique photographers because of her monochrome photography, which includes images of weird and unpleasant looking people. Her motive lies in capturing real pictures with flaws and imperfections. As she is consistent on her motive, she photographed people like, nudists, dwarfs, performers, giants and other freaks.

5. Charlotte Grimm- Inspired with painting and drawing, Grimm created frozen moments. It is more than just taking pictures as she captures memories, a moment’s reality and a glimpse of an individual. Her dark and inspiring portrait works are sure to sweep you off your feet.

6. Lisa Kristine- Lisa is known for depicting today’s slavery through her images. Known as a humanitarian photographer, she has documented native cultures in at least a hundred countries.

7. Elizabeth Gadd- Growing up in Vancouver has forced Gadd to get connected with hills, mountains, forests and ocean. Her connection with nature is hugely reflected in her photography, most of which are self-portraits.

8. Oliver Charles- Oliver tries to develop offbeat stories with the help of his photography talent. Surprisingly, his work includes capturing people in ethereal scenarios, contrasting reality with dreams.

9. Jimmy Nelsson- Jimmy’s photos tell stories. His portraits range from tribal pictures to native individuals from at least sixteen countries, and his book is now considered valuable by collectors.

10. Ryan Muirhead- Using traditional film photography, Ryan creates amazing imagery. He develops a connection with his subject, and this enables him to develop dark, yet unique portraits.

Portrait photographers immaculately show their artistry through the images they click. If you know about any other well-known photographer, share your knowledge with us.

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