Types of Photography

Portrait photography is quite an art. A professional photographer can capture the special moments and emotions in the most perfect manner with portrait photography. Mentioned below are some of the styles specific to portrait photography.

Environmental Portrait

An image where the subject is photographed in his natural environment to accentuate his character and compliment him is called an environmental portrait. For instance, a teacher photographed in the classroom or a construction worker’s photo at a construction site. Here the relationship of the subject with the surroundings is more vital than the subject’s facial expression.

Traditional Portrait

A photograph clicked to depict the visual representation of a person and with the subject’s face as the most important constituent is called a traditional or classical portrait. This style features a headshot, wherein the full body or two-thirds of the body’s frame can be used and the subject looks at the camera directly.

Lifestyle Portrait

When the style of living of the subject is emphasized through the photo is called a lifestyle portrait. Unlike an environmental photo, the subject’s life’s experience gets more importance over the surroundings. Such clicks are useful for commercial photography in which the audiences’ emotions are evoked by showing them the desired lifestyle. Thefashion, pharmaceutical,food and such other industries display this style in their advertisements.

Candid Photography

Have you ever been clicked unexpectedly? Or, have you clicked anyone without getting any kind of acknowledgement from the subject? If both the questions have the same affirmative answer, you have definitely been in for a candid photograph. Street photography, travel photography, event photography and photojournalism resort to this style. Contrary to an environmental portrait, the photo is clicked at the moment, instead of the setup. Therefore, the photographer cannot change the emotions of the subject or even the settings as things are quite spontaneous.

  1. Conceptual Portrait Conceptual portrait refers to such photographs where the viewer is left to interpret the meaning of the photo’s concept. Let the viewers use their wildest imagination while trying to depict what the concept actually denotes. Advertising photography often makes use of conceptual portraits, however, here the concepts are simple and easily understandable.Individual Portrait displays the picture of a single person. They are usually photographed to focus on the stance, life, rank of the subject or to create a memoir of the person.The fundamental principles of portrait photography have been discussed in this article. As a photographer, you can use the styles individually or in combination to form other categories and to gift your subject exclusivity.

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